Arya was born in London 1985 and was never too far from a culturally rich atmosphere, that of his native city London. Having studied fine art at Middlesex University, it was an interest in architecture at Kingston University, that moved his artistic energy into another creative paradigm. Drawing a parallel with these two disciplines through their theoretical and philosophical outlooks, he was able to merge his two interests together to springboard his own creative philosophy.

This manifests in oil paintings that depict an organic take on the things that interest him, mostly bearing an architectural tonality but not exclusively. He ranges from tackling the real life practicality and necessity of certain urban design ideas, through a lens of fantasy introspection to the more outwardly ubiquitous experiences of life.  

Like most artists, nature is at the core of his work, which may be expressed directly or indirectly. It's fair to say that the things we experience in life are linked in more ways than one and this reflects as one of his artistic goals and creative aspirations.

Driven by the desire for understanding through self reflection and objectivity, he uses a range of techniques in his chosen media of oil paints. Be it the smooth intricate detailing via a zero sized round brush, to slightly more textured, palette knife inspired work.